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Wellness Revolution

May 16, 2022 Season 3 Episode 4
Millennial Health
Wellness Revolution
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I talk with Amber Shaw about the Wellness Revolution and how we can get off the diet roller coaster and move to a more sustainable lifestyle. Amber is a Women’s Weight Loss and Health Coach who has overcome bulimia and frequent restrictive dieting. Now, she helps other women shed the weight and feel confident. 

She shares with us tangible steps that we can take when we feel stuck. The first step is to get quiet with ourselves- even if it’s for 5 minutes every day. She also encourages us to connect with our intuition and to trust it. And lastly, to go to therapy.  Amber pointed out that mental health dictates our physical health and so, therapy should be used as a preventative tool. I added that mental health also dictates how you’re able to show up in your life and that the best antidepressants are exercise, getting outside in the sun, and sleep. 

With this in mind, Amber’s monthly membership, the Wellness Revolution, aims to change the game in health and wellness as it encourages women to stop restrictive dieting and create a sustainable lifestyle. While adopting a balanced diet may be a slower process than dieting, it allows us to eat in moderation rather than completely cutting out foods. She also suggests daily body movement with strength training 3 times a week as part of a healthier lifestyle. 

Additionally, we discuss how we can get started with this lifestyle without the overwhelm. Amber recommends simply starting small. Commit to one workout, or plan one healthy meal at a time, and grow from there.  Amber shares two key tips to help if we get demoralized when we don’t see results. The first is to put the scale away. She explains that other factors can reflect progress more accurately than the results on a scale. The second is to be patient. Since losing weight is not linear, long lasting transformation takes time.

Amber’s final advice to us is to stop the dieting. It affects our mental health and ultimately sets us up for failure. She invites us to examine our relationship with food and start to heal it now.

Key Points

  • Amber Shaw explains why restrictive dieting is unhealthy and why we should create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle instead.
  • She provides tangible steps that we can take when we feel stuck.
  • We discussed the importance of mental health and the need for therapy.
  • She provides advice on how to get started with a healthier lifestyle and what to do when we don’t see results. 
  • Amber helps women shed weight and feel confident through her monthly membership, the Wellness Revolution.

List of resources mentioned in the episode: The Universe Has Your Back

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