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Making Bold Decisions

June 06, 2022 Season 3 Episode 5
Millennial Health
Making Bold Decisions
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I chatted with Dr. Charmaine Gregory about being bold and making bold decisions. 

Dr. Gregory, or Dr. G as she is well known, is a wife and mother, an emergency medicine physician, and a serial entrepreneur with a weekly podcast, among many other titles. She also considers herself a burnout thriver. 

First, Dr. G talks about her bold decision to move with her family from the United States to Guam. There were many considerations when deciding on the right country to move to and she tells us the story of how they went from making the life-changing decision to living in Guam. 

She also shared her past struggles with burnout. Dr. G explained that the burnout she experienced was not an instant problem, but rather one that slowly crept in. As a result of this, it was difficult for her to recognize for some time. But, once she did recognize it, she decided to make the necessary changes which led down a path of increased personal development.

This has now become a pattern in her life. When Dr. G recognizes a problem or fear, she makes the decision to boldly face the fears, even if it means doing it scared. For instance, when she realized she had a fear of public speaking, it didn’t stop her from speaking. Instead, it propelled her to face the fear of public speaking by getting started on her podcast and speaking on stages in front of more people.

Dr. G also touched on the fact that so many in the medical profession are leaving their positions. She believes that this happens when persons have nothing outside of medicine such as hobbies that bring them joy. Because they have nothing else to identify with, they struggle to cope in their medical career.

With this in mind, Dr. G’s advice is that we should be free to morph, evolve and change. Life is not a straight road and it does not box us in, so we are encouraged to make changes at certain points in our lives when things no longer serve us. 

Also, she speaks to those in financial debt. She recommends that they set aside some funds for entertainment and enjoyment, but the main focus should be to make sacrifices, keep expenses low and pay off debt. 

To wrap up, Dr. G shares her top 3 pieces of advice. First, she strongly recommends getting financially free. Secondly, to realize that you have what you need in order to negotiate. And her last piece of advice is to remember who you were before you went into medicine, go back and explore those things that you love.

Key Points

  • Dr. Gregory tells the story of her bold decision to move with her family from the United States to Guam.
  • She struggled with burnout in the past and once she recognized it, she took the decision to make the necessary changes.
  • She also struggled with the fear of public speaking, however this propelled her to face her fears and take action.
  • Dr. Gregory also gives advice to those in the medical field on how to cope, and to those in financial debt. 

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